These are some recent drug store purchases that I am totally in love with!

Revlon did an amazing job with the matte lip balms, I only have the two shades above but plan on getting more (specially a peachy shade). They are so smooth and stay on for a very long time. There isn't really a need to reapply constantly and after it wears off a little it leaves a nice lip stain.

I have only used Mac foundation and powder since forever, but I have finally decided to try out drug store make-up because the Mac one's can be a bit pricey. My friend recommend the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation and I was pretty surprised with the coverage. When I first tried it I had a very long day at school and when I got home my face didn't look so shiny or that foundation is wearing off look.

I think the foundation lasted so long because I paired it with the Stay Matte pressed powder, which has shine control! I have already repurchased this product thats how much I love it.

All these product are affordable and totally recommend you guys to check them out! I will definitely try out for drug store products after I felt satisfied with these.


I have been listening to Tegan and Sara's new album Heartthrob and I've got to say its brilliant. This album takes me back to middle school and high school, it made me remember silly crushes and their lyrics connect so much to how I used to feel. I first heard Closer on the radio and I thought it was very upbeat coming from Tegan and Sarah, but I loved it and listened to it on repeat. The album was finally released and I couldn't wait to listen to it. Every song is catchy, I love their lyrics and the meaning behind every song which they explain in a Track by Track  interview with The Warner Sound. Well I'm listening to Heartthrob on repeat and I suggest you go listen to it too and buy the deluxe edition because the bonus tracks Guilty As Charged and I Run Empty  are too awesome for you to miss out on.

Hello there ^.^

To start off my blog I would like to properly introduce myself. I am 19 years old from Whittier, CA. I am a college student attending Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Communications- Journalism and minoring in Fashion Merchandise. I'm living away from home because I really wanted the whole college experience and to become more independent. Fashion, art, photography, and music are some of my top interest. I have no clue what I want to be when I finish school, all I now it that I want to work in the Fashion Industry. I guess you can say I have very strong emotions my zodiac sign is a Cancer so go figure. I don't know what else, I guess you can continue knowing me as my blog goes on.